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Barafolly - The traditional music of Burkina-Faso  - An ensemble of young Griots musicians from Bobo-Dioulasso.

The group Barafolly was formed by Souleymane Coulibaly (known as Solo) and is based in Bobo-Dioulasso, the cultural crossroads of West Africa.

Souleymane Coulibaly founded the group Les Frères Coulibaly in 1989 with his twin brothers Lassina and Ousséni, which later expanded to eight members under the name of Badenya (the Family). They toured all over the world and performed with the KODO Drummers in Japan, WOMAD Festival of Peter Gabriel, Montreux Jazz Festival, Rain Forest Music Festival, Kennedy Center in DC and many more prestigious stages. In 2004, after the death of the twins, Solo decided to dedicate himself to his traditional music school  project in Bobo-Dioulasso, for the children and named it “Barafolly”.

Souleymane Coulibaly is aware not only of socio-economic realities and the endemic problem of  schooling in his country, but also of the value of his musical heritage and the importance of passing it down  to younger generations. This project enables him to give the children a better chance for a brighter future in a manner that both conforms to the demands of the tradition and adapts to the challenges of the modern world.

It is this new generation of griots, the children of Souleymane, and the twins Lassina, Ousséni that we will host in May 2014, as a means of showcasing the strength of their musical tradition in its country of origin.

The Coulibalys are griots and sons of griots, which means they have a duty to perpetuate the musical heritage of their clan. ‘Word carriers’ and the architects of parties, griots have today accrued another responsibility, one that the Coulibalys carry off with style: they are not only the guardians of  memory and the teachings of the past, but they are equally witnesses and actors in a changing society.

Over the course of time, it has absorbed the influences of the different ethnic groups that makes up its population.

The instruments:

• Djembé: this goblet drum is made by hollowing out a tree trunk. It is played with bare hands.

• Balafon: a xylophone with thin strips of wood that resonate on gourds.

• N’goni: a lute-harp, consisting of a gourd and a wooden stick for the neck where the nylon strings are attached.

• Dundunba: a cylindrical drum covered by two goat skins and played with a curved stick.

• Lounga or tama: a hourglass drum where one controls the sound by tightening the straps that join the skins, which are stretched over each end.

• Bara: the drum is made from a large gourd with goat’s skin stretched over it. It is played with bare hands.

Souleymane “Solo” Coulibaly: Band Leader
Massa Coulibaly:
Issouf Coulibaly: djembé, vocal
Zakaria Koné: balafon, djembé, ngoni
Issouf Diarra: balafon, flûte, vocal
Ousseni Coulibaly: barra, tama(talking drum)
Lassina Coulibaly: barra, marakasse
Mariam Coulibaly: chant, dance
Moussokorro Coulibaly : dance, backup vocal




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Les Frères Coulibaly xo10nSbVD6E
Barafolly in Burkina Faso huCrsRiGYwo
Barafolly School of Music in Burkina Faso iW0NOBO1uTU



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  • Badenya les Frères Coulibaly @ Couleur Café Festival.  Fondé par les jumeaux Lassina et Ousseni, les Frères coulibaly sont des descendants directs des griots Bwa. Ils nous apportent la musique et les histoires du Burkina dans un set entièrement acoustique. Ils sont maintenant 8 musiciens et leur style direct sur des instruments comme le djembé, le kenkeni et le bara les a amené à jouer à des festivals de par le monde.

    Le 8 musiciens sont composé de : Lassina Coulibaly, Souleymane Coulibaly, Ousmane Coulibaly, Kassoum Coulibaly, Mariam Coulibaly, Djouma Coulibaly, Kalifa Diarra et Abdoulaye Diarra.
    Ils ont travaillé avec des grandes pointures comme Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Youssou N’Dour, Cesaria Evora, George Clinton, Toots Thielemans, Al Jarreau, George Benson…  On est très honorés de pouvoir vous les présenter sur Couleur Café 2003!