Trinacria was the name given to Sicily by the Greeks in the 3rd century B.C., because of the island’s triangular shape: three promontories, three points… and now three friends, three musicians and three types of traditional instruments from Southern Italy.

United by our common musical experience, as founders of the band “TAMMORRA”, we have performed at numerous festivals and theatres over the last fifteen years and have been filled with the energy of always-generous audiences, urging us to seek new paths. Our repertoire is made of original compositions inspired by our Sicilian culture, to which we pay tribute with our rendering of some traditional songs. We have chosen to highlight the poetical aspect of the Sicilian dialect by emphasizing the use of metaphors while facing arguments that are still prevalent today.

“TRINACRIA sound of Sicily-Concert” is an energetic and engaging show filled with humor.


TRINACRIA sound of Sicily – live at Cape Verde 2018 AZ4IBbBA3JM
TRINACRIA sound of Sicily – live at Cape Verde 2018 AZ4IBbBA3JM
TRINACRIA_Live in Geneva 2016 5YHespPmIJQ



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